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In , Jan Kozielewski, using the pseudonym Jan Karski , reported to the Polish government in exile and the Western allies about the Nazi-German extermination camps in occupied Poland.

As I wrote here in a post about Captain Witold Pilecki the man who had the distinction of being the only known person to smuggle into Auschwitz, so he could report back to the Allies about the conditions there :. The event is free and open to the public.

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It is the story of a man who understood the poisonous effects of bigotry and hatred. His fight against Nazi oppression came to an end in It was easy for the Nazis to kill Jews, because they did it.

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The Jews were abandoned by all governments, church hierarchies and societies, but thousands of Jews survived because thousands of individuals in Poland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland helped to save Jews. No one did enough.

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June 21, GMT. By Daisy Sindelar.

But in Poland, efforts are under way to bring Schindler-style recognition to a lesser-known figure -- Jan Karski, an eyewitness to the Holocaust whose daring wartime attempts to call attention to the slaughter of Polish Jews were largely ignored by the United States and Britain.