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Pump Flow Control

Flow Controls. Exhaust Flow Controls.

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Send Cancel. How can we improve? Compressed Air Control Valves.

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Compressed Air Flow Boosters. Hydraulic Valves. Control of Liquids, Gases, and Solids. Flow-Control Valves. Flow-Control Orifices. Flow Switches. Calibration Columns.

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Flow Transmitters. Flow-Control Mufflers.

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Pressure Indicators. Threaded Temperature-Regulating Valves for Water. This informs the producer that the previous sending window has been processed, so that it can now send another window. Its kinda like consumer acks but in reverse. So a nice producer might wait for a producer ack before sending more data, to avoid flooding the broker and forcing the broker to block the entire connection if a slow consumer occurs.

Computer Networks Lecture 11 --Flow control, Stop and wait

An alternative to the indefinite blocking of the send operation when no space is free on the broker is to instead configure that an exception to be thrown on the client-side. By configuring the sendFailIfNoSpace property to true , the broker will cause the send operation to fail with a javax. ResourceAllocationException , which will propagate to the client. Below is an example of this configuration:.

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  • RAYS Flow Control – Industrial Valves.

The advantage of this property is that the client can catch the javax. ResourceAllocationException , wait a bit and retry the send operation instead of just hanging indefinitely. Starting in version 5.

This property causes the send operation to fail with an exception on the client-side, but only after waiting the given amount of time. If space on the broker is still not freed after the configured amount of time, only then does the send operation fail with an exception to the client-side.

Flow control in Data Link Layer

Below is an example:. Flow Control Unit. In principle one of two control logics can be applied: FCU with Closed Loop Control Using the downstream temperature-corrected pressure measurement as a signal for closed-loop feedback, variable current is applied to the proportional flow control valve to control the effective flow restrictor inlet pressure and thereby control the mass flow rate to the thrusters.

Based on the thruster current, variable current is applied to the proportional valve inside the FCU to control the flow rate.