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Girlofthesixtie s Registered Member. Me too.

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No cha ching for weeks. I really miss it. Galaxy S8. WightBoHo Registered Member. Again, tried all of the above and nothing. Not even notified of favourites! OK, I'm changing my comment above. I just had a cha-ching! And it was loud! Scared me half to death! ChestnuttVintag e Community Member. LightotheMoon Community Member. I'm not getting word from Etsy about anything. FetasiaLatex Community Member.

Same with me, uninstalled, reinstalled, updated, nothing, and the option to have the cha ching in my settings has gone. SeleneMoonGodde ss Community Member.

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I finally uninstalled the app after all of this mess. I have a Samsung Tab A. Until Etsy released the latest version, I was getting the cha-ching and notifications when an item was favored. Now crickets.

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I have uninstalled, deleted data, reinstalled, made sure notifications were turned on numerous times and still crickets. So I give up. Maybe if you update this version, it might work again on my tablet. Until then the app was just taking up room.

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Sugarbutterflie s Community Member. I took the suggestions to uninstall the app and restart and install. EmersonBindery Community Member. No cha ching for me either.

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It wasn't working, then it was, now it's not again. Everything is up to date on my Pixel. I've done everything. Used in conversation to indicate that the person being spoken about is going to or already has made quite a profit at little expense. Fentruck: Good deal. How much do you think I could get for one? An enthusiastic expression when you get money you did not do much to earn, OR found money. He wanted another one of those cha-ching! I looked in the couch and found two bucks cha ching! Means "money" is to, or can be, made in an instant.

References the sound older type cash registers made when tabulating a final bill. Like when someone slips and falls on a banana peel in Trump Tower due to the negligence of the Trump Tower clean up crew to remove that discarded banana peel from its entrance way. On Tuesday, Ms. Jiau's lawyers went through a list of at least five individuals, asking whether they had shared similar information with Mr.

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Freeman, including an analyst nicknamed " cha-ching " after the sound a cash register makes. Witness Details Alleged Illicit Trades. By cashing the larger checks first, they increased the probability of an overdraft cha-ching!

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