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To measure social media performance , you can look at likes, shares, engagement, click-through rate and social influence.

Go-To-Market Strategy Template

To measure your website performance, you can examine bounce rate, average time on page, conversion rates and click-through rate. To measure email marketing, you can track open rates, subscription levels, unsubscribe rates, and click-through. Look for a way to calculate the return on investment for each of the major marketing channels you want to address with your marketing audit.

How to Prepare a Marketing Audit to Shape Your Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing campaign might not drive a lot of direct sales, but it could encourage better word of mouth marketing and social presence, which gives you a better brand reach. This part is tricky. While you might not be able to track every detail about your competitors, such as their bound rate, you can make some inferences based on the data you take from a competitor analysis.

With the details of your marketing audit in hand, make changes that are designed to improve your ROI, and streamline your advertising budget. For instance, you might:. Drive employee advocacy adoption. Implement new SEO measures and keywords. Produce and publish more website content. Switch to a different social media channel, or add extra channels to your campaign. Adapt your user personas and segments. Build out your email campaigns. In fact, work with the right marketing agency , and you can conduct your own bespoke audits looking at a specific selection of marketing channels.

Here are just some of the aspects we recommend you look at when browsing through the components of a marketing audit. Over time, any company can slip up and create inconsistencies in the way that their brand appears. However, you need consistency if you want any hope of earning customer trust. When conducting your marketing audits, check the following features for signs of consistency:. There are always places where you can improve and deliver better experiences for your customers.

Find out which of your marketing materials and channels are delivering the best results and why. Do we need to consider other channels and marketing platforms? Does your messaging and external communication strategy represent a great value proposition?

Are you resolving customer pain points with your marketing strategy? For instance, conversions can include:.

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Subscriptions to newsletters. Contacting a member of staff. For instance, do you have all the elements you need on that channel to drive conversions?

Do you have a call-to-action? Is your value proposition clear enough? Statistics suggest that it takes around 6 to 8 touches to create a viable sales lead. That means that you need your marketing to have lead nurturing avenues too. Are you sending emails to leads to convince them to re-engage? Is the content you create appropriate for the needs of your buyers during different stages of their customer journey?

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Are you connecting with customers on the right range of channels website, social media, offline, etc. Are you gathering and responding to customer data regularly? For instance, comments left on your blog are a sign that your clients are interested in what you have to say. Are my marketing strategies emotional enough? Does my brand personality resonate with my target audience? Are my user personas out of date? Do I give customers enough opportunities to engage in their favourite channels? Could I use engagement driving strategies like contests and giveaways? Every business has their own marketing strategy, and that means that every marketing audit is different.

A marketing audit is a way for you to turn your marketing campaigns inside out and discover all of your strengths and weaknesses. The more you evaluate the objectives, processes, and activities that make up your marketing strategy, the more you gain insight into the core systems of your business growth. The dangers of inconsistent branding. An audit is so important for a re-brand or even starting a new marketing strategy.

By having an external agency coming in and taking an objective look of your systems, strategies and online processes, you can learn a significant amount although it may sometimes be hard to hear. In return, we promise not to sell or rent your details, or send you junk!

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