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Witches Wild. Bewitching Bedlam - 4. Siren's Song. Bewitching Bedlam - 3. Fury Calling. Fury Unbound - 4. Maudlin's Mayhem. Bewitching Bedlam - 2. Fury Awakened. Fury Unbound - 3. Moon Shimmers. An Otherworld Novel - A Lily Bound Novel - 1. Bewitching Bedlam.

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Bewitching Bedlam - 1. Shadow Silence. Whisper Hollow - 2. Flight from Mayhem. Fly by Night - 2. Fury Rising. Fury Unbound - 1. Darkness Raging. Autumn Thorns. Whisper Hollow - 1. Flight from Death. Fly by Night - 1. Panther Prowling.

Never After (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon, #6.5)

Priestess Dreaming. Flight from Hell.

Evolutionary and Ethnographic Perspectives

Fly by Night - 0. Night's End. Indigo Court - 5. Crimson Veil. Autumn Whispers. Night Vision. Indigo Court - 4. Haunted Moon. Shadow Rising. Night Seeker. Indigo Court - 3.

A reader of

Shaded Vision. Courting Darkness. Night Veil. Indigo Court - 2. Ice Shards. An Otherworld Novel - 9. Blood Wyne. Harvest Hunting. An Otherworld Novel - 8. Man in the Mirror. Night Myst. Indigo Court - 1.

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Bone Magic. An Otherworld Novel - 7. Etched in Silver. An Otherworld Novel - 6.

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The Shadow of Mist. An Otherworld Novel - 0. Demon Mistress.

Night Huntress. An Otherworld Novel - 5. Dragon Wytch. An Otherworld Novel - 4. An Otherworld Novel - 3. An Otherworld Novel - 2.

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An Otherworld Novel - 1. One Hex of a Wedding. A Chintz 'n China Mystery - 5. A Harvest of Bones. They then demonstrated that LSD and serotonin competed for many of the same brain sites. In some experimen- tal situations, LSD blocked the effects of serotonin; in others, the psychedelic drug mimicked serotonin's effects. These findings established LSD as the most powerful tool available for learning about brain-mind relationships. If LSD's extraordinary sen- sory and emotional properties resulted from changing the function of brain serotonin in specific and understandable ways, it might be possible to "chemically dissect" particular mental functions into their basic physi- ological components.

Other mind-altering drugs with comparably well-characterized effects on different neurotransmitters could lead to a decoding of the varieties of conscious experience into their underlying chemical mechanisms. Dozens of investigators around the world administered a dizzying ar- ray of psychedelic drugs to thousands of healthy volunteers and psychiatric patients. Researchers published hundreds of papers and dozens of books. Many international conferences, meetings, and sym- posia discussed the latest findings in human psychedelic drug research. Scientists hoped such experiments might shed light on naturally occurring psychotic disorders like schizophrenia.

Sandoz also recommended giving LSD to psychiatric interns to help them establish a sense of empathy for their psychotic patients. These young doctors were amazed by this temporary encounter with insanity. The raw encounter with their own previously unconscious memories and feelings led these psychiatrists to believe that these mind-loosening properties might enhance psychotherapy.

Numerous research publications suggested that the normal mecha- nisms of talk therapy were much more effective with the addition of a psychedelic drug. Dozens of scientific articles described remarkable suc- cess in helping previously untreatable patients suffering from obsessions and compulsions, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, anxiety, depres- sion, alcoholism, and heroin dependence. The rapid breakthroughs described by researchers using "psyche- delic psychotherapy" spurred other investigators to study these drugs' beneficial effects in despairing and pain-ridden terminally ill patients.

While there was little effect on the underlying medical conditions, psy- chedelic psychotherapy in these patients had striking psychological effects. Depression lifted, requirements for pain medication fell dramatically, and patients' acceptance of their disease and its prognosis improved mark- edly.